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You'll need a myki for your journey.. If you use a myki Pass, you'll need to choose the zones you want to travel in and the number of consecutive days you need when you buy it.; If you use myki Money, your fare is automatically calculated as you touch on and touch off.; There are three fare groups, based on metropolitan zones: Free Tram Zone, Zone 1+2 and Zone 2 only Regional zones determine myki fares for regional trains and buses. Here you can find out which myki zone your regional station or town bus is in. To find out more about regional tickets, see Regional tickets. To find out more about regional fares, see Regional fares. Regional train. myki is valid for travel by train between metropolitan. If I may add, Zone 1 plus 2 stretches to some localities that strictly speaking are beyond 'Melbourne city and suburbs.' One tourist friendly example is Healesville - there is even a bus route to well known Healesville Sanctuary, part of Zoo Victoria's portfolio of zoos and the only one to concentrate on Australian fauna

From 1 January 2020, public transport fares will increase by 1.7 per cent on average in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The increase will add 20 cents to the daily Zone 1 and Zone 1+2 metropolitan fares. There will be no increase for those travelling within Zone 2 only. For regional Victorians the cost of getting around town will remain unchanged, with the regional town bus fare. The fare you pay is determined by: where you travel, including the zones you travel through if you're using myki; your ticket type, for example a 2 hour or daily ticket; whether you're eligible for a concession fare or free travel; any other discounts, such as the 30 per cent off-peak discount.; Find out more about fares in metropolitan Melbourne.. Find out more about fares in regional.

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myki zones n Co nn ecti n Connecting Metro trainConnecting tramConnecting bus g coac h 110613 For more information visit ptv.vic.gov.au or call 1800 800 007 (6am - midnight daily) * R e str ic d M ro a on : h es e taion rd op f nly v ing o M b u , and pick up only travelling from Melbourne. Regional train myki zones myki valid for trips wholly within this area V/Line ticket required for any. ZONE 1のみを行ったり来たりする ZONE 1とZONE 2を行ったり来たりする ZONE 2のみを行ったり来たりする; すべての運賃を表にまとめると! mykiカードとは? チャージして使う「myki money」 乗り放題「myki pass」 mykiカード どこで購入する? 駅の券売機の場合 How much does a myki cost? A full fare myki card costs $6 and a concession, seniors or child myki costs $3. Detailed myki fares and zone information is available online at ptv.vic.gov.au. For more information about how to use your myki, visit ptv.vic.gov.au or call 1800 800 007 Forgive me for asking but for the love of god I can't find info ar maps that states where the f is zone 1 and zone 2 are. Trying to get my head around your beautiful city and to do that I need to understand how the public transport works. Cheers. Links are appreciated. Bonus question: Myki Money vs Myki Pass

Myki Yearly Pass Zone 1 and 2. Product #: 100406. $1,579.50. Staff or Student ID Number. Online Registration Form. I have complete the online form with my registration details . Quantity. Add to cart. Checkout Now . This item is available for delivery only. Required Fields. Add to wishlist Add to compare. Description . Monash offers all staff (including sessionals and casuals) and non. Be sure to select Zone 1 to Zone 2. You can also add myki money. When you travel outside of the zone/s your myki pass is valid in, your myki card will automatically switch over to myki money. Top up your myki money (between $10 - $250) below, so you're always ready to travel Your go-to guide to myki. Your ticket for trains, trams and buses in Melbourne. myki is a reusable travel card - your ticket for trains, trams and buses in Melbourne and many parts of regional Victoria. This simple guide includes: - topping up with myki Money and myki Pass - metropolitan fares - touching on and off - Free Tram Zone map It also gives you access to all-night weekend travel on Night Network. Just top up with myki Money if you want to travel outside Zone 1+2. Plan your journey. For more information contact iuse.pass@ptv.vic.gov.au. *Saving based on comparing a yearly zone 1+2 iUSEpass to a yearly zone 1+2 myki Pass. ^Cost of a yearly zone 1+2 myki Pass Myki pass and myki money [Myki] Close. 1. Posted by. u/ggbeastboi. 2 years ago. Archived. Myki pass and myki money [Myki] Hi Melbourne! Recently I wanted to try out Myki pass, I mainly travel in zone 2 with the fullfare price. Myki pass cost around $93 ish per 28 days for zone 2 fullfare. My question is what if one day I want to travel to city I think that's zone 1, but my Myki pass only paid.

myki cards are valid for travel on all metropolitan train, tram and bus services including V/Line services in Zone 1 + 2 to Melton and Sunbury. myki is also valid for travel on a number of regional town bus services and V/Line rail services operating wholly within the Geelong Transit System, Ballarat Transit System and Bendigo Transit System MYKI helps you securely store and manage passwords locally across your devices. Get started For Users. Securely store and seamlessly manage your passwords and data offline. Learn more. For Teams. Secure and manage your company's passwords away from the cloud. Learn more. For MSPs. Password management for internal usage and managed deployments. Learn more. Learn more. Accept. Products MYKI.

1 メルボルンの公共交通機関とmykiカード. 1.1 どこで買えるのか? 1.2 自動販売機での操作方法>チャージの仕方; 1.3 Zone別の運賃; 1.4 Free Tram Zoneとは? 2 まと If you have a Zone 1 myki pass and travel into Zone 2 on weekends, you will need to have myki money on your card to pay for the Zone 2 portion of your trip. The amount deducted will be $0.02 - the difference between the $3.30 weekend cap and the $3.28 2-hour Zone 1 fare covered by your myki pass Travelling zone 1+2 four days a week. I've been on myki money until now and to be frank its burning a hole in my pocket, was wondering if myki pass offers better value. The issue being I only travel half the days in a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri)

At the start of a trip, the passenger must touch on the card at a Myki reader, and at the completion of a trip (except for a tram trip that is solely within zone 1), a passenger must touch off the Myki card again, at which point the appropriate fare is assessed and deducted from the stored value on the card. The Myki card, if placed correctly in a wallet, does not need to be removed to be. Under Myki, the concession which allows single (one-way) ticket holders one hour's free travel in Zones 1 & 2 either side of their V/Line journey, and free Zone 1 & 2 travel all day for all other ticket types, including day return, continues to apply. Myki users must still touch on and off where required, but the Myki system will not charge anything over and above the fare already deducted.

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Why is there no Zone 1 only option? Since 1 January 2015, Zone 1 fares have applied for travel between Zones 1 and 2. Zone 2 fares continue to apply for travel that is only within Zone 2. What if I already have a normal Myki card? How does a Commuter Club Myki differ? A Commuter Club Yearly Pass cannot be loaded on to a normal Myki. Commuter. Passengers are reminded that when travelling with myki it is only necessary to touch off for a lower fare when your trip is entirely within the shaded Zone 1/2 areas shown on the network map. All trams operate in Zone 1, so you'll receive the same fare by simply touching on when using most routes - but if you're in the Zone 1/2 overlap area on Route 75 , 86 or 109 you can get a cheaper fare by.

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You can apply for a refund of any unused myki money, unused myki pass or part used myki pass at any time, more information can be found on the PTV website . Public transport zoning (Melbourne) Melbourne public transport zones changed from January 1 2015, the whole network is now classed as Zone 1 Full-fare commuters travelling from zone 2 into zone 1 now fork out $6.06, while those living within zone 1 pay $3.58 for a two-hour journey. A daily ticket costs Melburnians travelling in zones 1.

Myki pass Zone 1 et 2 Zone 2: 7 jours 43 $ (6.14 $ par jour) 29.40 $ 28 jours 145.04 $ (5.18 $ par jour) 98.56 $ 365 jours 1 683.50 $ (4.61 $ par jour) 1 144 $ Si vous utilisez votre Myki card comme un pass et que vous devez, pour une raison ou une autre, vous rendre dans des zones plus éloignées, vous pouvez ajouter de l'argent sur votre carte au moment où vous aurez besoin d'aller plus. • Buses = 2 hour myki money fare based on the number of zones in which the bus travels • V/Line Train s = 2 hour peak fare between the zone of touch on and Zone 1. The customer will not have any money taken from their myki until the next time they touch on - this may be later the same day, or the following day, week, month etc

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* Zone 1, daily — 1992: $3.40, 2012: $7.60. Up 124% (on Myki $6.56, or 92% above the 1992 price) * Zone 1, monthly — 1992: $57.00, 2012: $122.80. Up 115% (approx the same on Myki) * Zone 1+2, daily — 1992: $5.70, 2012: $11.90. Up 109% (on Myki $11.08, or 94% above the 1992 price) * Zone 1+2, monthly — 1992: $86.00, 2012: $189.20. Up 120. Having a Myki pass for only the Zone 2 bit (and Myki money for Zones 3-4) is a much worse outcome, since there's no discount at all for the Zone 3-4 component. But there are definitely savings to be had for travel in Zones 1-4, in both peak and counter-peak directions. Myki pass for Zones 1-4 costs $3,217.50. Commuter Club is $1,515.00, and. After pressing the button Done, the first safety zone is set and memorized in the MyKi Watch application. In case the zone is left during an unwanted time, you will be notified in the application. Speed limit - this function allows you to follow the speed with which you child is moving. Set a maximum speed with which you think your child should be moving. If there is a situation in.

Zone 1 includes all inner city suburbs and Zone 2 the suburbs well outside of the city centre. Travel across Zone 1 and 2 is included in the cost of your fare. Train travel completed before 7.15am on a weekday is free. When you touch your myki on and off the electronic readers as you travel, an initial 2 hour charge will apply. If you continue. Travel beyond myki Pass zone(s)2. page 652. Fares for travel to/from Zone 1 on V/Line services and bus Route 6842. Page 685. Fares for all other travel on V/Line services and regional town buses5. Page 59. 28 to 365 day myki Pass. The fare for a 28 to 365 day myki Pass can be calculated by multiplying the number of days required by the myki. (1)コンビニエンスストアで入手. セブンイレブンなど、「Myki」のマークが付いたコンビニやニュースエージェンシー(売店)のレジで、「Can I get an Myki Card for adult, please?(マイキーカードをもらえますか?)」と言えば簡単にもらうことができます Victoria / Melbourne Transport . Victoria / Melbourne Public Transport. Home; Roads. Road Rules; New Page; Timetables. metro trains; yarra trams; melbourne buse Answer 1 of 5: Hi, The following is what I seem to understand about Myki fares, please kindly correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you. 2hr $4.10 - the max fare charged within 2hrs upon 1st tap on, with unlimited tap ons within that period in that Zone Daily..

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Peak services are all services where you touch off in Zone 1 before 9am weekdays or where you touch on in Zone 1 between 4pm and 6pm weekdays. Tickets valid for travel on peak services include the Peak Single and Peak Day Return and myki money or myki pass. Off-peak service If you already have an anonymous myki, there's a number of reasons to register it now! Security. By registering your myki, you protect its balance in the event it is lost or stolen, and the value is transferred to your replacement myki. Convenience. You'll have the convenience of using the internet to top up your myki and manage your account. Metcard/Myki fares from 2000-2017. [Myki] 98 comments. share. save hide report. 93% Upvoted. This thread is archived . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. View discussions in 1 other community. level 1. F1NANCE /u/F1NANCE 72 points · 2 years ago. People in the former zone 3 and the current zone 2 are still getting a really good deal when traveling across. Myki - If I touch on in Zone 2, go through Zone 1, but touch off in Zone 2 again, what fare will I be charged? [Myki] Close. 14. Posted by u/[deleted] 3 years ago. Archived. Myki - If I touch on in Zone 2, go through Zone 1, but touch off in Zone 2 again, what fare will I be charged? [Myki]. @condog412 whom I follow on twitter rightly noted that a zone 1+2 metcard is $49.60, and so is a zone 1+2 weekly Myki Pass. How can they really get away with charging us the same amount when we're only getting about 1/3rd of the value out of the thing? Re the website: yep, it's a dogs breakfast. Thankfully they seem to have at least.

Most likely myki will still have zone 1 - 2 fares for the V/Line services. Hell no. Fares are too low as it is. We really need distance based fares with slight zonal modulation of the rate. That would make far more sense. Cost is least competitive for short trips, and that's where it has the most impact (no parking fees to compete with etc.). That not true - The problem withthe existing fare. All stops within the free zone are clearly marked and tram drivers will make regular announcements when approaching the zone boundaries. Tram Zone Map (PDF) ptv.vic.gov.au If your tram journey is exclusively within the zone, travel is free, meaning you do not need to touch on with a myki. Do not touch on or you will be charged a Zone 1 two hour. If myki is not touched off at the completion of a journey a default fare is charged, either (if the myki is touched on in Zone 1 or 2) the 2 hour Zone 1 + 2 fare, or else the 2 hour fare from where the myki was touched on to the services destination. The equivalent of touching off at the end of a journey is necessary for some rail journeys (i.e inserting Metcard at stations with barriers). The. Packs include a pre-loaded myki card with enough value for one day of travel in Zone 1 and 2, instructions on how to use myki, maps for trains, trams and the city centre, and discounted entry to attractions in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Trains. Melbourne's metro trains run between the outer suburbs and Flinders Street Station in the city. The city loop is Melbourne's underground system.

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The bus was in zone 1, so it charged me a two hour zone 1 fare of $4.50: a 2 hour product authorises unlimited travel in the zone(s) travelled in until two hours after the myki was first touched on, except where the first touch on is made between 6pm and 12.59am, in which case the product expires at the end of the day. [3am myki pass is for regular travellers, ie commuters, so you want to top your card up with myki money. - I'm editing this to say, if you think you will use $35 of travel each within zone 1, or $60 if you are travelling into zone 2, then get the myki pass, but I woudn't have thought it likely if you make use of the free city circle tram or shuttle bus 目次. 1 メルボルン観光の主要な足「トラム」について. 1.1 トラムとは; 1.2 トラムは観光地巡りに必須の交通手段です; 1.3 トラムには無料エリアFree Tram Zoneがあります; 2 mykiについて. 2.1 mykiは無料エリア外に出るために必要なカード; 2.2 mykiカードは2種類。 旅行者はmyki moneyを選ぶ $1.70. Zone 5 Travel only within Bellarine: $4.80: $2.40. $2.40. $1.20. Using a myki pass (purchased direct from myki not on the bus): Can not purchase on the bus : Full Fare: Concession: 7 day myki pass: 7 day myki pass: Zone 4 Travel only within Geelong: $22.40: $11.20: Zone 4 & 5 Travel on all Bellarine & Geelong: $34.00: $17.00: Zone 5 Travel only within Bellarine: $22.40: $11.20: Students. Zone 1 + 2 myki passes and the corresponding reimbursement amount due to each. How is the reimbursement calculated? The passenger will be reimbursed the difference between the (2014) cost of the 365 day Zone 1-2 myki pass minus the (2014) cost of a 365 day Zone 1 myki pass, divided by 365 and multiplied by the number of days between 1 January 2015 and the expiry date (inclusive). Where a pass.

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  1. Anonymous myki. If you choose to keep your myki anonymous, the details we collected to send you your myki will be deleted once it's posted to you. You'll still be able to top up with myki money or a myki pass online, but you won't be able to set up auto top up and any balance of myki money or myki pass days on your card will not be protected if it is lost or stolen. Accessibility.
  2. Fare Zone 1 Fare Zone 1+2 overlap Fare Zone 2 Fare Zone 2 Fare Zone 1+2 overlap Fare Zone 1 Fare Zone 1+2 overlap Fare Zone 1 Fare Zone 2 Fare Zone 1+2 overla
  3. d 67 Chapter 9: myki zones Zones 70.
  4. d V/Line runs services outside zone 1/2 on which Myki is valid, so it would need to work for those too. Loading... By Post Author. Llib says: Fri 30 January 2015 at 10:26 am I don't understand why the system has a flat fare for distance and yet no reasonable.
  5. When attempting to touch off with a zero myki money balance in zone 2 with a zone 1 pass at the weekend you aren't allowed through the barriers
  6. 如果 myki money 里的余额是负的,你刷卡是进不了站的(即使你有 valid 的 myki pass) Q:myki 的 2 个小时车票是怎么算的,譬如我 9:01 分第一次刷卡,是能用到 11:59 呢,还是只能 用到 11:01 A:和纸质票一样的算法,也就是到 11:59 都可以 Q:我的是 zone1 7 天的 my pass.我的活动只局限在 zone 1. 是不是我.

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This video is all about how to use Public transport in Melbourne using PTV MYKI card. Our host Jocelyn Wardle has some great tips for travelling on Melbourne's train, trams and buses Glenroy railway station is located on the Craigieburn line, in Victoria, Australia.It serves the northern Melbourne suburb of Glenroy opening on 24 January 1887.. The railway past the site of Glenroy station was opened in 1872, as part of the North East line to Wodonga.. A goods siding was provided in 1908, and was extended in 1950, for the nearby flour mill Created Date: 8/3/2018 4:20:48 P

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  1. Fare zone: Myki zone 1/2 overlap: Website: Public Transport Victoria: History; Opened: 8 May 1888: Electrified: Yes: Traffic; Passengers (2008-2009) 0.953 million: Passengers (2009-2010) 1.121 million 17.75%: Passengers (2010-2011) 1.237 million 10.35%: Passengers (2011-2012) 1.229 million 0.65%: Passengers (2012-2013) Not measured: Passengers (2013-2014) 0.896 million 27.1%: Services.
  2. Answer 1 of 29: Hi I am a little confused! I cant seem to find the answer on the transit website! We will be in Melbourne for a few days and will be travelling to Bendigo and back. I guess I need to buy a Myki travel card for that journey is this card also..
  3. With MyKi Junior app, you can give other family members the same rights to track and communicate with MyKi Junior. Contacts will sync automatically with the watch. When your child asks you to make friends with another child with MyKi Junior, you will receive a notification to the application for approving friendship
  4. I've been using Myki on daily commute to work for just over 6 months now, having purchased a Yearly zone 1 pass to beat the 2012 price rise. Like the silent majority of Melburnians my Myki had mostly worked without any major issues, until last week when I got overcharged for travel, leaving me to deal with the byzantine system that is the Myki customer service department
  5. For information on zones, please click the link below. PTV Zones
  6. g.

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  1. The Myki Visitor Pack includes a a Myki smartcard preloaded with one day's Zone 1 travel, instructions on using Myki, an inner Melbourne tram map, a Myki protective wallet and discounts at 15 attractions across the Melbourne city. Full fare Myki Visitor Pack costs $14 including $8 Myki money. Concession, child and seniors Myki Visitor Packs are also available
  2. Newport railway station is the junction station for the Werribee and Williamstown lines in Victoria, Australia.It serves the western Melbourne suburb of Newport.. Two sidings exist at the northern end of the station for the stabling of trains used on Williamstown and Altona line shuttle services. The Western standard gauge line to Adelaide runs behind Platform 1, and the Newport Workshops are.
  3. A Full Fare Myki pass for a 30 days consecutive trip will cost you $140 travelling in Zone 1 & 2. And a 7 Day full fare Myki Pass for travelling in Zone 1 & 2 will cost $39 . How to Use your Myki Card. You should touch on and touch off as you travel so that you have a valid ticket and pay the correct fare for your journey


  1. Myki Zone 1: Stops 27-12, 124A-140: Timetable: Route 96 timetable: Map: Route 96 map: Route map ← Route 86 {{{system_nav}}} Route 109 → Melbourne tram route 96 is operated by Yarra Trams on the Melbourne tram network. It operates from Brunswick East to St Kilda Beach. The 13.9 kilometre route is operated by C2 and E class trams from Southbank depot. It is one of Melbourne's busiest tram.
  2. Hey I have some questions about Myki. If you are travelling from Zone 1 into Zone 2 is it REALLY necessary to scan off? They did mention that you would be charged the maximum fare if you do not scan off, but now zone 3 is gone, wouldn't the maximum fare be a zone 1+2 ticket? Also, is it necessary to scan off with a student yearly? I see no point wasting my time scanning on and off and on and.
  3. Need myki card for zone 1. Day 4: from hotel to Harbourtown shopping. Can take tram 70, no need to tap myki card because it is within the free zone. Day 5: from hotel to Langham place for high tea. Can take tram 70 or 75 & drop off at market street stop. No need to tap myki card as still within free zone. We need help to see if our above travel plans & understanding of the use of myki cards.
  4. ated and any travel into zone 1 will have to be paid for with myki money. You'd better check the website, because it's pretty confusing

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  1. Myki 2 Hour Fare. myisk on 19/09/2017 - 13:15 Last edited 19/09/2017 - 18:54. Does anyone know if you have to complete the journey within 2 hours or just start the final part of your journey within 2 hours? For example, if you touched on at 12:00, then touched on for the return journey at 1:55 and touched off at 2:25, would you get charged a 2 hour or daily fare? Edit: Tried it. Was charged a.
  2. Free Tram Zoneは、Public Transport Victoriaのウェブサイト(Ptv.vic.gov.au)で確認しましょう。 この区間内で乗り降りする場合、Mykiのタッチオンは不要です。但し、乗車か降車する地点が区間外の場合はタッチオンの必要があります。 <2020年1月1日 更新
  3. 2018年Myki卡票價 Myki Money(以距離及時間計算價格) 全票 Zone 1+2 全日票 $8.6|2小時票 $4.3 Zone 2 全日票 $5.88|2小時票 $2.94 半票(學生,老年退休.
  4. Tip* I use my Myki card every day travelling to and from work. I top up with a full fare 7 day pass for $37.60 a week for zone 1+2. You can select this option at the Myki top up machines. This allows me to travel as many times as I like within zone 1+2 for those 7 days. It works out cheaper overall for me
  5. Myki fares are based on the time and zone fares used under the previous Metcard system (with zones expanded to cover the V/Line commuter belt), with the exception of the single trip City Saver fare which was not made available under the Myki system.. After purchasing a rechargeable Myki card, passengers need to add value onto the card, in a process called topping up
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I just moved to Victoria and not quite sure about the ticketing for myki. For the 2-hour fare, it wrote on the website: Your first touch on of the day will exp. menu Whirlpool Go to navigation. Whirlpool. Search. Forums. Travel. Public Transport. myki 2-hour fare . Archive View Return to standard view. last updated - posted 2014-May-12, 10:37 pm AEST posted 2014-May-12, 10:37 pm AEST User. If your myki pass is Zone 1, you get charged nothing. If it's a Zone 2 pass, you would be charged the difference between the Zone 2 and Zone 1 fare on myki money. No; if your Pass covers Z2 but the system thinks you travelled in Z1, then it charges you the Z1 fare in Myki Money. Of course this wouldn't happen if the touch-on was within Z2, as then it would assume your trip was in Z2. User. 补充,从2015年一月一日起,city free tram zone坐车免费,不用持卡,不用买票了。下面是免费区的地图 上面图片中绿色的就是敏飞的区域,希望可以帮到到大家,这里包括女王市场,flinders 火车站,唐人街等等等等 经常会遇到游客问MYKI卡的事情,在这里就给大家普及一下myki卡的知识 myki卡是墨尔本的. Main Navigation; Get myki; Set up myki. Sub navigation for Set up myki; Register; Set up web access; Top up myki. Sub navigation for Top up myki; Choose top u

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